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"Group Four, Inc. has always gone the extra mile in providing land development consulting services. They not only provide prompt, competent and professional help, but when difficult problems occur, they provide innovative suggestions at a cost effective course of action which sets them apart from others. We can always count on Group Four and feel like they stand shoulder to shoulder with us as a partner in our development efforts."

Richard R. Beresford
Beresford & Booth PLLC

From feasibility and initial conceptual planning to post-construction monitoring, Group Four, Inc.’s wetland ecologists and wildlife biologists provide a wide array of environmental permitting, design and consulting services. Our staff has an extensive background in projects of all sizes and complexities, ranging from single-family residences to large developments for a wide range of clients within the public and private sectors throughout the Pacific Northwest. Ethical and objective biological analysis to aid in the decision making process for our clients is paramount. Our staff’s established rapport with local and state government officials allows our Biological Sciences Group to exercise cutting edge staff expertise in the understanding and application of current and future government regulatory requirements.



available to our clients include, but are not limited to:

  • Wetland determinations (Feasibility)
  • Wetland delineations
  • Stream identification
  • Ordinary High Water Mark delineations
  • Critical Areas and Mitigation reports
  • Endangered and threatened species surveys
  • Biological assessments / evaluations
  • Post construction mitigation monitoring
  • Federal, State, and Local environmental permitting
  • Mitigation planting plans
  • Wildlife habitat studies
  • Habitat management plans
  • Shoreline permitting assistance
  • Tree retention plans


Nourse Plat - City of Lake Stevens
Client: L116-1 Nourse, LLC - Barclays North, Inc.

Setting: 300 lot Single-Family Residential Subdivision, encompassing 72 acres of land.

Services Provided: Wetland and stream delineation, critical areas and migration report, mitigation planting plan, wildlife habitat study and tree retention plan. The proposed development plans included impacts to numerous on-site critical areas and their buffers. Group Four provided detailed analysis of the proposed site plans and expert advice on site design and environmental permitting for a complex project site that included eight wetlands, three streams, and more than 1,700 significant trees.

Nourse Plat

Juanita Townhomes - King County
Client: Covenant Construction Management, Inc.
Setting: 24 unit town home development, encompassing 1.5 acres of land
Services provided: Hazard tree survey, tree risk assessment, tree retention plan and Forest Practices Act Permit review. Group Four, Inc. performed a detailed tree risk assessment utilizing arboricultural procedures, including tree coring of 26 significant trees. Our Certified Arborist analyzed the potential for retaining these trees with respect to the proposed site plan and prepared a tree retention plan in conformance with King County's significant tree ordinance.

Stanwood Planning Area - City of Stanwood
Client: Pacific Properties
Setting: 53 acres of land within the City of Stanwood Urban Growth Area and pending annexation into the City.
Services provided: Critical areas determination (i.e. reconnaissance) for feasibility study, including code review for applicable City of Stanwood critical area regulations. Our wetland ecologists prepared maps of the critical areas to assist the Client in determining net buildable area and allowable site density. This information was in conjunction with our Land Use Planning Group’s research related to conceptual lot layouts and necessary utility infrastructure improvements for the Client’s consideration.

Beaver Lake Feasibility – City of Sammamish
Client: Scott Huish
Setting: Proposed Single-Family residence, situated on 2.5 acres of land.
Services provided: Critical areas determination for feasibility study purposes. The site is located on Beaver Lake, a regulated Shoreline of the State, and is subject to extensive environmental regulations. Our staff assisted the homeowner in determining the buildable area within the site, while incorporating the need to satisfy the myriad of complex regulations ranging from the protection of endangered fish species to compliance with the City’s tree retention ordinance for significant and heritage trees.

Biological Sciences

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